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Tandem bike for 2 people

Together on the tandem through Amsterdam.
Rent your Tandem now at Bike in Town Amsterdam.

Cycling through Amsterdam together is something. You will hear the many sounds of the city and experience everything extra intensely. An advantage over walking through the city is that you can visit more places by bike. Everything just goes a little faster. A special experience is riding a tandem bike through the city. This requires cooperation and gives a sense of togetherness. You can contact us for high-quality tandem bicycles. The tandem brand is “Azor” and the model type is “Underwater”. These black tandem bicycles are extremely comfortable and are rented including a chain lock and AXA brake disc lock. The bicycles are in good condition and steer very well. Visit Bike in Town Amsterdam and experience our beautiful city through an easy tandem bike. Safe and cheap. Good service.

Theft and damage insurance

Although the tandem bicycles are rented out including good locks, some renters find it convenient to take out a theft insurance. For a small amount you can take out a theft and damage insurance with us. The choice is yours. The insurance is not mandatory.


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