Repair of all bicycles models at Bike in Town Amsterdam

You want to get your bicycle to go to work and the tyre seems to be flat? This is a very unpleasant situation and you do not always have the time and possibility to repair the tyre yourself. Therefore, we are happy to help and ready to fix your tyre urgently. Bike in Town Amsterdam performs all possible bicycle repairs. We have a lot of experience restoring all types and models of bicycles. Are you experiencing problems with the chain of your bicycle? Do you require a new saddle urgently? Does it take longer for you bicycle to stop? In that case definitely have the brake repaired. No matter what problem you have with your bicycle, we are here for you. Quality and premium service.

Urgent repairs are possible

Because we have all kinds of repair tools at our disposal, we can make repairs on your bicycle fast and professionally. We understand that you want to be able to use your bicycle as quickly as possible again, in most cases. As a result of the amount of stock we have, most of the repairs can be made within a few hours. You wish to have the inner tube of your bicycle replaced? There are problems with the lighting? Come by soon and we are happy to help you. You can also come to Bike in Town Amsterdam to have your bicycle cleaned extensively or if you want it to have a good service. Safety and competitive prices are important to us.


Bike in Town Amsterdam
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