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Through Amsterdam by scooter

Renting a scooter in Amsterdam enables you to explore the city in a fun way. It allows you to see all the beautiful, special and fun places the city has to offer. Bike in Town Amsterdam is open 7 days a week and from 9 AM until 7 PM you can rent a comfortable scooter. Our special city scooters are so-called light moped scooters, which do not require you to wear a helmet. The scooter cannot go faster than 25km/h and comes with a chain lock. Can you see yourself driving along the canals of Amsterdam on a flashy “Kymco” (model: “Like”)? The scooters are completely checked and are in perfect condition. Welcome to Bike in Town Amsterdam. Excellent service.

Theft and damage insurance

Do you prefer not to take any risks? Does it make you feel uncomfortable that the scooter could possible get stolen? Can you imagine yourself bumping into something unexpectedly in the city? Usually, scenarios like these do not become reality. However, if you want to you can take theft and damage insurance with us. The choice is yours. Taking insurance is not obligatory. Safe and affordable through Amsterdam. Quality assured at Bike in Town Amsterdam.

4 hour

€35,00one-time fee
  • Bike in Town scooter.
  • Rental period: 4 hour

24 hour / 1 day

€50,00one-time fee
  • Bike in Town scooter.
  • Rental period: 24 hour
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